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In Response to Brenda’s Wordle ~ 155 ~ Ode to ~ A Silent Cart ‘

2014-03-06 17.23.11

As seen in F-9 Park Islamabad

O’ Thou silent symbol of safety mystifying frightening fixed,

while laughter skips around grassy  patches wear  brown

single swings wave joyfully so like excited pendulums

strapped yet suspended, pleated hair flowing  freely

Thou in silence -watch ?

O’ Thou transformed cart’ once maybe a flower mart

who has abandoned thee? who was forced to flee?

far beyond the barrier, to unknown unseen details

so like black diamond  filled mines un probed

 tough energy in unfathomable  stores


O ‘ still, silent one, I admire thy power 

immovable brave steadfast, in solid wood 

shuttered  nailed  zipped, yet no stour

once shining now lustre less  impassive 

stirring images of  sacred wailing wall

did no one warn thee? 

of the Flood and the waterfall?

how painfully scratched off  

seems the bold engraved scrawl-but

what lies inside is what is precious

stay strong and firm on the foothold

Fear not the time of the Final Call

I will relate your story, pray and 

tell it All’


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