For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ The Color Green ~


Armed with the strength of faith and a sharp skean
treading stealthily through the unknown unseen dene
who so deeply sought the precious embedded sphene?
bitterly tough and rough it was, not at all like gean
passing through desert uphill and down Azbine
weary heavy parched as dryness ached the skin
O’ if only nearby would be a shebeen’
but no’ so near is destination amazing velveteen
do not think of red or white or brown-just Green’
nor the number thirteen nor the grand limousine
Beware’ Beware’ Beware’ the covered unforseen’
O Sweet Cool Hippocrene make me see think write
a colored rainbow all green green and all over green
For Green is Life sweet and fresh forever is the Evergreen’


2 thoughts on “For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ The Color Green ~

  1. I missed the meaning of a few of your rhyming words, but not after the search for a shebeen. Clearly drink will not be the solution to the thirst and search, but only the evergreen-est of greens. Growth and Faith go hand in hand in this pilgrim’s progress.


    1. Yes Susan you identify the theme well.I try to bring in words not used previously or commonly-then Faith takes over in the ending thoughts- I enjoyed writing these lines…


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