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~ Random Thoughts On ~ Knitting vs Poetry ~


Poetry comes in all shapes and sizes
So does knitting in moods ‘ere one realizes
Poetry instructs as well as delights
Knitting covers the shivers, fevers and ‘frights’

Poetry supports all living things
felines frogs to human beings
if not poetry its knitting mittens
no wonder the first poem was, “three little kittens”

for long paper or words may stare
hunt for rhymes or synonyms spare
blog page if you dare, only one ounce ?
watch out, needle, ready is poem, to bounce, er.. pounce…

poetry is beauty if you may think
write, whatever you see in a blink
rhyme or not, blank open or run-on
which is easy, to knit? Or ‘ poetry’ with skill n wit’

                                                                                                  CER ©  anjum wasim dar  2014 

5 thoughts on “~ Random Thoughts On ~ Knitting vs Poetry ~”

    1. You enjoyed the poem and felt good-it brings much happiness to me-keep smiling always -be happy each moment …each hour each day …


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