For Hyde Park Poetry: Thursday Poets Rally Week 79 ~ 2015 ~ December Change ~

Free Versepictures 156

April may be the cruelest month for some but
come December strange things happen as miracles
in days and moments strange life shifts
paces and spaces move and drift
one moment one sees the trees and birds
next the window opens to reveal a valley
hills and mountains as far as the eye may see
houses houses houses and more coming up
people cars cars vans in speed and spree
what is the hurry what is the rush
who is getting rich who is in slush
Pray Pray Pray
Salvation sacrifice murder or martyrdom
strange is life as death strikes in stardom
forgive forgive forgive
and just
give give and give
time moves on, try to live
gone great valleys Egyptian or Greek
may the One Power Mercy Give
for I feel I have
miles to go before I sleep
miles to go before I sleep

Thursday Poets Rally Week 79: January 14-January 27, 2015 (5th anniversary celebration)

Credit Reference First line: TS Eliot ‘Wasteland’

Last two lines quote from Robert Frost ‘Stopping by the Woods on a snowy Evening’


17 thoughts on “For Hyde Park Poetry: Thursday Poets Rally Week 79 ~ 2015 ~ December Change ~

    1. Thank you, yes the first line is a reference from TSEliot and the ‘last lines from ‘Mr Frost’ Credit is duly given…


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