For POETICS ~ dVerse ~ Winds of March ~ An Icy Embrace


the moment we stepped
outside the glass door
Lo we met , face to face

an icy embrace

sending shivers deep inside
coat collar rolled up,tight
pushed back against the tide

an icy embrace

we kept walking slowly
unseen force engulfed
pulled controlled coldly

an icy embrace

someone cried ‘O Jesus’
and I knew how cold he
felt, as he bowed and knelt

to the icy embrace

O Aeolus thou wast kind
but Sleep conquered mind
Greed left All Good behind

an icy embrace

man must know this
is the best unseen gift
Nature’s Power to uplift

Life in an icy embrace
cold or warm it is good
wind it is as understood
fly sail breathe,no falsehood


an icy embrace

For ~ Hyde Park Thursday Poetry Rally ~ Week 81~ Narrative ~ So You Came …


So you came to my door at last when you changed your mind

from‘not going’  ‘its not important’’ and ‘does not matter’ thinking.

So you came to see how I was in the feverish moments fighting
Shrouded in recent memories heartbeats pulse racing and sinking

Silently crying out for the sweet scented flowers buds and roses
Only to hear the sounds of silence and caged parrots twittering

Tricked by invisible presences shadows strange sounding sounds
The house clouded in foggy whispers giggles and humming

So you thought that I was just joking and malingering
That I was not actually ill but just posing and pretending

You seem to be disturbed by everything around you happening
Why is it that you get upset with things that you think are annoying

I really have been down with intermittent fever on setting
It’s the malarial mosquito marking me on ankles and stinging

I wanted you to be beside me sitting talking and doctoring
But I made a drastic mistake that sent you reeling and backing

I expressed my affection too soon too strongly freely and warmly
You were fearful of something mighty dangerous may be hatching

But dear forgive me for being so forward honest and loving
I being the elderly should have been more patiently becoming

But I guess I never ever bother about ages between people differing
I just feel be and am a simple caring human being comforting

Who begins a relationship, who can be more willing ?
When smiles are exchanged ideas shared and tea, serving.

Where is your other daughter why isn’t she coming?
I felt myself eagerly wanting to meet you as you too were wishing

O she is making tea for you and is busy in the kitchen
mother said with a smile, I thought she looked tired and forcibly sitting;

The room was so quiet with a little bit of talking , asking and respecting
But it all brightened up as soon as you pushed aside the curtain and entered smiling

‘Please take some more I made these especially for you, saying
And ‘ I feel deprived as the new young generation’ expressing.

Your comments touched my heart and soul and put a guilty feeling
‘How deeply hurt is this young charming girl- set me thinking’

I was impressed by your manner of sitting close to my knees
Smiling and talking away about all those special things, complaining;

Here goes another of the young ones who want to beat the world
But are so caught in traditions taboos and pressures of social living.

You were so excited overjoyed and in your approach appealing ,
You left a deep impact in my soul spirit heart and senses, sealing

Forever your thoughts ideas feelings desires that I was reading
And listening acknowledging agreeing recording and accepting;

I must do something true and real for this talented thinking being
Allah had put before me a task which I felt I had to be fulfilling;

You are a Doctor, this magnetted me more towards the alive soul
I found my fathers aura concern and affection in me instilling

Now as we try to understand ourselves I hope no wall is building
In my self I am the same will be your friend till alive and living

Dear Princess as you like to be called and for me are special
Forgive Me for All my errors disturbances and shortcomings.