NAPOWRIMO ~ 2015 ~ Day 1 ~ No Form of Effort Does It Need ~

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No form of effort does it need

No limits of race caste or creed

No bands boundaries or bases;

It is set for every man’s lively feed

No history or nations or generations

have ever complained about it

no services of immigrants or residents

have ever lied or explained about it…

for there was never fear of powers

all was mercy pity and peace showers

No young men have ever gone to

graveyards one by one with flowers

no dying crying spying or flying

just shooting killing and saluting

carrying some flag draped boxes

guard of honor’ giving and burying

all not for the cause of freedom

nor of land or slavery or salvation

born free who needs freedom…?

come live kill, come be a nation’

the whole world is yours to take

no borders lines or walls to make

kick a body, shoot the head, no stake

run run run, rule, gun’ shake shake’

No Form of Effort does Freedom Need

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