NAPOWRIMO ~ 2015 ~ Day 3 ~ Fourteener ~ You Mean So Much To Me ~

Today I challenge you to write a fourteener



Why do I have to tell you that you mean so much to me?
Why do you appear like a form and an image which I see?
Why do I need to ask you that I wish to meet you dear?
Why do you have to be so quiet as if you cannot hear?

What are the false fears that are so deeply instilled in you?
Where are the sad tears that are filled in and make you so blue?
What are the fetters that entangle and imprison you?
What are the demons witches and devils that peril you?

How would I ever know your feelings until you tell me?
How would I ever know your messages until you send me?
How would I ever know you wish to share and be with me?
How would I ever know you have a mind and think of me?

Is it the very world around you that you are afraid of?
Is it the social setup that is woven and made up?
Is it the natural filial tie that you are bound with?
Is it the tribal duty in antiquity laid up?

What is it that holds you so tight and keeps pulling you back?
What is it that controls and hovers around your homely shack ?
What is it that you feel you should know and that which you lack?
What is the hurdle you feel and that which keeps you off track?

Oh Dear I guess it is the age and burden on your shoulder
It is the young desire but the fetters and the boulder
It is the futile fear of befriending someone older
It is the generation gap, unsmiling, and colder.

But still please know that untill one is alive near and well;
There is someone who cares shares for you and wishes to tell
Affection support love will always be never ending
Know ‘ there is a Peaceful Heaven not just a dreadful Hell.

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