NAPOWRIMO 2015 ~ Day 4 ~ It Is Nothing Else But……

Today the challenge is to write a “loveless” love poem.


clouds fluffy keep curling rolling rising

breeze cool tenderly touches hovers engulfing

the heart hums a melody old, light is the footstep

light is the soul, unseen aura sweeps around

without a sigh without a sound, closing the eyes

one senses a warm comfort amazing charming

attraction abounds, nothing matters life goes round

and round, one dances being one in spirit profound

wiped out are all sights as the mind dissolves in a dance

the truth  the joy, the pinnacle of a happy stance

It is nothing else but…..

why …there is no one near

why do I smile as if I hear a song… divine

nothing was here or there nothing is mine

standing alone in front of the stove,staring

in the pan the eggs fried burnt and  brown-

‘no tea for me, nor coffee nor to drown in, wine-

oh no, sometimes a word or two and then silence

it is though a kind of peace and so much at ease

romances occur only in novels and adventure stories

then again do we have ‘fears that we may cease to be’

again I look out of the broad glass window and clouds I see

and feel the glow of faith peace ever coming rolling rising company


4 thoughts on “NAPOWRIMO 2015 ~ Day 4 ~ It Is Nothing Else But……

  1. Your work is ethereal and visually radiant. I especially like “the heart hums a melody old, light is the footstep//light is the soul”…


    1. Dear Friend Thank you -your lovely words encourage and inspire me more…I feel your visit and appreciation is a great honor for me.


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