NAPOWRIMO 2015 ~ Day 14 ~ A Dialogue ‘O Please, Dear Tulsa Road Rawalpindi.

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O’ My, My Dear Tulsa Road !

Once You were so Grand and broad
Stretching long and smooth and clean
From 502 to Qasim Base with
metaled grace in between;
O Why O Why you are left
Neglected down trodden and ‘yateem’
So many a VIP you have seen
Still silent sounds of sirens you hear
Star jeeps pass by of the country’s cream;

Tulsa Road
O My Dear Resident
I am suffering
with pain and degeneration
The cuts craters humps and dilapidation-
Oh Lord, what are we learning and teaching
in this precarious condition?
That is the question-
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer,
the slings and jumps of outrageous travel
The heart aches and the thousand natural
shocks that the flesh is heir to-
Or to take arms against oceans
of ditchy trouble..err. rubble-
But now its a place where people and all-
Garbage throw; O Why have you gone so low?

O My Dear Tulsa Road
I have always admired you as I go
I have sped and drove my old red Alto
Because then I really could do so
O Tulsa Road -I love you
For You gave me space to walk
As I travelled my way to chalk
First to learn then to share and then to talk;

Tulsa Road
Who would bear the whips and scorns of time immemorial
The laws delay, the repairs astray, the rains decay ;
A life of neglect abuse rough use and strife
Do we continue to grunt and sweat under this weary life?

I still polish my own shoes
But I remain constantly in the blues
Why have you lost your lovely hues
Haven’t ‘WE the People’ given you your dues?

Tulsa Road
Trying to be defiant in dilapidated defeat !
Trying to be there still serving in retreat-
Though gone is the tar rubble crush and concrete
I live and lie here with the pure belief
All is not lost,courage never to submit or yield-
I have the best and seen the best in me
with Institutes of Education I am replete.

OH Please Tulsa Road,
Get back and set straight the load
that you have to carry , A La Mode
and let it be forbode
True to Da Nostradamus Code
Not from any Consultancy abroad,but from

the Inner hearts of the Cantonment Board

YOU will Be the Queen and Not The Forsaken
And Not be remembered as The Road Not Taken.


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