NAPOWRIMO 2015 ~ Day 15 ~ Ode To A Poem ~


myriad  thoughts in mind, raise a storm, an endless flow

drowned in a Grecian urn set,fathoms  in  oceans below

where precious pearls freely float, slowly sink  and settle

oblivious of  baleful evil,conscious of  true mettle

in mysterious  misty forms filling  the vacant boat

now beginning to move and shake off its slumber

receiving gems n  jewels from Calliope’s crown

thus laden with studded  royal  glorious gown

its duty done its cargo carefully composed, of

praise, to the heavenly light begins the ‘raise-

O to know what thoughts of gold, of wisdom old

Thy possessions are preserved in eternal casks

of hemlock elixirs, what lyrics have been sung

what aquatic flutes what mermaids harps strung

opening miracle oysters,revealing sacred tasks

loving sea serpent shattering the marine mask

Behold, brought thee,forth for universal union

when land and sea meet sunlight and sky

O classical  in style, metrical in form so high

thou was not born to die, but to live like Magi

O Thou spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings

are recited and heard even in prayers, kneeling

Spring Summer Autumn or Winter, all seasons

are yours to sing the praise or relate a tale

who says April is cruel,maybe for some, come

the time for flowers blossoms birds songs is here

All the world is gathering the gems n pearls

O Poem lyric sonnet ode  haiku or epic

Thou art perfect peaceful personal and classic


Published by

anjum wasim dar

Writer Teacher Trainer Researcher ELT Professional Married Published Award Winner Poet

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