NAPOWRIMO 2015 ~ Day 23 ~ 7 of Clubs ~

images (1)7_of_Clubs_by_CreativeBoxthe_seven_of_clubs_by_omegalpha-d5b8im3

Photo Courtesy Google

The number seven is striking.7 heavens come to mind,the seven days the seven wonders of the world and the lucky seven.The story of the seven sleepers but see what a card may strike in the mind and heart.The clubs so symbolic.Ah a club and a Club so many different meanings they have.In a game does seven stand out? What about the seven sisters and the stars in the Northern skies.Seven layers seven folds and the Lord says He has made the sky in layers and see how it hangs without pillars.Seven then is sacred and holy but this card tells me more than it appears.Each dot stands for a period of time,each for a family each for a star each for a day or each for a month or a year..and so it tells me the time and works as a calendar.It tells me about a page in a book and a chapter,it also takes me to the wonderful world of Alice the imaginative girl of the famous book and a poem strikes fresh ‘we are seven’


striking is the number seven

touches the stars in heaven

symbolic so full of good luck

unseen folds without a tuck

dark dome bejeweled at night

weary ones seek seven’s light

this is just a card telling tales

see how it covers timeless scales


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