NAPOWRIMO 2015 ~ DAY 29 ~ A Review ~ Connector Electric ~

I challenge you to write a poem in the form of a review.

Mobile Phone

O Mobile Phone I keep thee,
You stay connected, celestially,
In seasons of mists storms or rain
You ease away the pain,
no spaces in distances remain.
O, Mobile Phone! You, like the
light winged Dryad,
Make the communicative melody,

O’ for the Sound of Linkage,
In the New Age,
Opening magic casements,
Orange and blue, black
and Grey, hues spree;
Mobile Phone, I praise Thee;
I stay in touch, with my family
Away, away, I am free, you
gave me my liberty!

Oh, what numbers are these,
what Attic shapes!
I hear’ heard melodies are sweet’
what chimes do jingle,
What messages they bring
what numbness they tingle!
Those unheard are sweeter!
Wait! Let my fingers do the search
Let the communication begin
O Mobile phone! I keep thee safe
You are the greatest connector
Keeper of community!


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