POETRY Delights as well as Instructs…The Nest Manifests…


clouds wander lonely,across the sky float and fly by,sometimes the grumble

sometimes they roar,sometimes they thunder,sometimes they cry…

when the eyes meet the blues,the whites stand out,changing shapes, design try

it is the season that leads and feeds winters are dry, gone are the leaves

but have you ever thought,who holds the birds afloat, who balances their wings

as they glide and whistle and sing,how their nest remains set stable and fixed

who protects the tender twigs from  fierce winds shakes sways and storms?

through winter I have seen the small twig cup,hold on

unshaded uncovered not many ,just one room,with room for all

all stay together,sleep together,no one shall fall…this nest manifests

character,responsibility nourishment and justice

come what may,the nest stays firm,protecting caring the shy

till the little birds are aware,wings grown and shyness removed

they are ready to flap and fly

The nest remains the same, welcomes them again…


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