NAPOWRIMO ~Day Three ~ An Elegy for Family Father’~ Poetry, Integrity,Selfless Service’

      Today I’d like to challenge you to write an elegy – a poem that mourns or honors someone dead or something gone by. And I’d like to ask you to center the elegy on an unusual fact about the person or thing being mourned.                       Grandfather Mohammed Hassan

Elegance sobriety grace patience,un found unseen

knowledge radiating from eye and form, humming

a social humorous poem he wrote,of many unrecorded

some heard hummed often were so clearly remembered

‘again again and again,when I was single my pocket did jingle, I long to be single again..

could I have preserved the precious moments rare

in earliest memories of ‘Grandfather’ ,I was hardly 9 ?

trips across the Salt Range with father driving the jeep

while my sister and I recited rhymes, trying to peep

‘again again and again,when I was single my pocket did jingle

I long to be single again…ill….she fell ill she fell ill……

beard white ,eyes light blue, fair skin, smartly dressed

burbling’ hookah ‘ ‘crossword puzzle paper,on table pressed

love and an aura of sadness prevailed, migration’s rips n cuts

revealed later the causes of silent grief of life so repressed

‘again again and again,when I was single my pocket did jingle

I long to be single again…   she said,  get me some wheat,get me some wheat……

‘walked miles and miles, read books, to be first Muslim to get

a science degree,to teach others,persistence selfless service…

for a cause,of freedom, of education in Gilgit Srinagar and Kashmir

to live a full life and then gracefully give it up…as a migrant refugee

‘protection Oh Lord protection’ when I was leaving , my heart was beating, I did not once look back again…

Great Father figure,pillar of strength and prayer, simple living

and high thinking,learning and forgiving, hopeful optimist

left a legacy of selfless service,family values and faith strong

a homeland lost, but not love of learning’ ‘honored as

‘a prominent educationist’ ‘


never again never again will we find so great a teacher, nor still greater father’s father




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