NAPOWRIMO 2017 ~ Day Six ~ Three Thoughts in Mind Transpire…

Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that looks at the same thing from various points of view. The most famous poem of this type is probably Wallace Stevens’ “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”. You don’t need to have thirteen ways of looking at something – just a few will do!


Among four full grown Chinaar trees I saw,

only the tallest one in its branches

comfortably held a birds nest

three thoughts in mind transpired,

one nest in four,can there possibly

be more?

what bird had made it so strong

bearing Winter’s brunt, it stood

in base,in dividing branch,


what special skills had nature

blessed,enabling it to build a

home, perfect prest

birds animals humans

all need shelter

nests caves homes or dens

chirping twittering giggling

alive is the cup of life, roof

mountain hole or building

winds roar storms rage

wings flap, dive glide and fly

nests up high,what protects it

under the boundless open sky…..?


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