NAPOWRIMO 2017 ~ Day Seven ~ Ring Under My Foot ~

In keeping with the fact that it’s the seventh day of NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo, Elizabeth and I challenge you to write a poem about luck and fortuitousness. For inspiration, take a look at Charles Simic’s “The Betrothal” and Stephen Dunn’s “The Arm”. Need something more? Perhaps these instructions from Elizabeth will get you going!



Image result for pearl flower ring

It looked like a flower on the finger

white and gold,the pearls were milky

mild,did not shine much, but felt calm

a special ring I often wore,found it silky

one day I found,it was no more to be seen

I searched all rooms drawers and shelves

asked my daughters check where I have been

but nothing  nowhere oh how  bad how mean….


Lo where is my rosary dear,lost it is I fear

no misplaced misplaced ,we tend to forget

far ,farther,here there,where, by or near-

how things vanish, appear and disappear,


look look  sing a dirge send Satan away

I will find both ring and rosary,come what may

Go Satan Go, I am not afraid , Go far away

today is the seventh…7th lucky day


every day is a lucky day every moment too

if we but pray truly and alert be, calm stay

my ring I found as I  walked, on the terrace

I felt a hard thing under my foot, hey hey….


strange way the ring did come, stranger still

the rosary,inside the cupboard on top shelf

I guess the angel replaced it there himself

odd place for a rosary to be, felt a deep chill…..


it all happened , all in one day for seventh

it was till seven remained, panicked to miss

but faith and hope got strong,it was not long

before the beads appeared and ring brought bliss….




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