For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Climate Change ~ We Are The Weather’



sun shine in Winter fills us with joy,
cold when prolonged,makes us long
for Spring or Summer

Colors of the fall awakens the artist within
cooler breeze makes us shiver, we go in-side
and smile and feel safe and warm …

though white is Earth wearing a cold shawl,
silent but for a creaking of a breaking twig,
we are the weather, we make the climate, change’

Pecking on the Salted or Sweet
birds join the chilly quietude
sadness wraps the atmosphere,
raindrops never speak
leaves fall without a sound,

streams  in silver moonlight,
shine  and seek the spirit,and
nothingness feels around, still
I reach out to find a void

why do we still ask,
how is the weather ?
will it rain? will it be clear?
yet unaware are we,

how related-
how near,  how dear it is-
my silence is now music ,
my silence is now sound
and my silence can hear you now,

I love the clouds up high
I love the trees below
It’s love that cares with the
breeze, flowers bloom , how
can we ourselves ,doom?

restlessness grows but in silence ,
will subside with love beside..
if only you could ..but no,
I am with you in silence…

with love, I survive,
Alive is the Earth, no hate
I am the weather,elate –
I am the Climate Change


11 thoughts on “For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Climate Change ~ We Are The Weather’

  1. Oh I wish for this to be true! To manage the changes as self, as art, as a shawl and changing dress of earth with no need for alarm. May it be so! Let all the changes help us to see god and ourselves.

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    • yes we are the weather , we just observe the hot and cold, we should be doing something… planting trees, not cutting them, saving water, not wasting it, etc so much more


    • love is a very powerful emotion-if we truly love our planet and sincerely enjoy the weather..we will surely take care and keep it neat and clean..whatever we love whoever we love don’t we think and all the time wish the best for them? Thank you so much is an honor for me when you visit and read the words laid there

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    • Dear Myrna you got it just right Yes we are the weather and the responsible’ Thank you so much for visiting and expressing your wonderful supporting thoughts, I feel so honored


    • Dear Friend Carrie Thank you, so lovely to hear from you Hope you are well Best wishes always Take care and Stay Blessed amen


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