For The Poet By Day ~ In Response to Poems By and Interview With Egyptian Poet : Amirah Al Wassif: ‘To Be A Brilliant Woman In The Third World ~ ‘ The Abandoned One’

“…you have to stitch and cherish and nourish and never have the chance to flourish!” Amirah Al Wassif…

I believe then, many a times you find yourself abandoned, just abandoned everywhere’…


Abandoned, places, humans, women, in many lands

babies born, new, of any

caste or creed, not

differentiated, saving what

embarrassment from whom?

for reasons powerless, of poverty

girls mostly as victims of



jungle justice

killing brutal beastly

‘love dead’extinct even

motherly-only monetary…

negligence unlimited

oppressive outcast-is it

parental perjury? a

question puzzling unanswered

resonating repetitive

striking souls helplessly

tortured fettered

unattended,on the

verge of deadly decomposed

waste-Oh what a Waste Land !


yelling in silent agony- into

Zombies senseless,it seems has

humanity metamorphosed.

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