2019 ~ Mythical May Story Poems for Ger O’Neill’s Group ~ The Girl Child’s Mystery~ It Happened Twelve Years Ago …

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How things happen how time flies 
how things end how time crawls 
how people come stay and go
how people come make you wait 
how you wait and they do not show
how you grieve and feel deep sadness
how they smile laugh, display madness
how they seek joy in other’s torture and pain
do they think that they will  be blessed again ?

The Beginning -In the Forest A Mystery Unfolds…
‘Time to move.It was 2.a.m.In the small hours of the night as thunder rumbled across the dark skies.Flashes of lightening lit up the slumbering mountain town,high in the majestic Himalayas,unknown, never climbed rugged mysterious valleys stood silent motionless
In the flash two forms started their strange journey,their descent from the tor,No one could see them now.They seemed to appear from nowhere.Slowly they made their way not missing a single step.Madam Goldwood opened the door as usual with the first ray of the sun cutting over the mountain top.The sun was not so bright today,trying to force its way out as if to warn the people.The two beings slowly approached the Inn,their faces half hidden by their sleek black coats.They were silent.They stopped at the wooden steps of the verandah. Madam Goldwood rubbed her eyes.

‘Customers? so early? who were they?

One after the other they stepped on the porch. ‘Madam Goldwood could not stop them from entering.She was now wide awake and noticed the dark expressionless eyes of the visitors.Their look was serious and determined. One of them started to take out something from inside his long black coat.It was a medium sized black wooden box. he stretched his arm towards Madam,motioned with his head , nodded slightly, and spoke in a heavy voice ‘ Take this Madam.We are giving you something special and precious.You have to keep it safe for five years’ Exactly on this day when the sun rises open it at your doorstep and move a little away from it.Do not look at it but go inside and wait in your room.It will be a tough waiting time.It will take more than an hour.

‘A child will appear, a girl child’You will take care of her,groom and teach her well,feed her for good health, till the time when one of us will return.

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