In Response to G Jamie Dedes ‘4 Poems’ ~ Featured On ‘I am Not a Silent Poet’ ~ A Voice of The Voiceless’ ~ Peace is as Possible as War…

Featured on  ‘I Am Not a Silent Poet,
 G Jamie Dedes The Poet by Day (
A Peace maker, Profound Motivator and an Inspirational Gem specially for emerging writers and poets. Editor of ”The BeZine’ (,’ a publication of The Bardo Group/Beguines, Founder of this  virtual arts community.

Respectable Jamie Dedes dedicated efforts towards creating and spreading Peace are reaching out to the people of the troubled world. We all need to join in and do whatever best we can to ‘be peaceful ourselves and to show others how to achieve  the same around us and within our own souls and spirits. To write about it…the best form is ‘Poetry, as ‘Poetry Instructs as well as Delights’.
I Thank  Respected Jamie Dedes for introducing me to this ‘Group I am Not a Silent Poet’. In response to and carrying forward Honorable Jamie Dedes efforts I wish to share some lines for the  Group  and for my wonderful supportive readers.

G Jamie Ji Writes:  
I know what it is to imagine peace across

the circumference of one small blue ball
in a Universe of inestimable size and…
I know that darkness can descend with the
of light, that love is more than an
anchor, that hope keeps our dreams alive’

Photo Credit CER © 2019

My Response

Peace is not in the flying bird
as it is disturbed itself,seeking cool branches to perch
as April showers sprinkle, disappear before touching
the parched Earth,leaves,pets petals, and humans-

sprouting tiny greens,bare branches receive the far apart drizzle
did snow suddenly surprise us or the red heat? someone stepped
on peace, stealth and guile sheathed, went on in half daylight
so we should have known,Emperors of Ice Creams

Not long when I was a child,crossed barbed wires,across borders
in camp for two nights, wonder how Mother felt and held us? Tight
then on we came to the green hills, and I knew not,was it refuge ?
or a new land a home of peace-how attained?what was left with enemy-

where are the roots that make a family,out of the masses who survived
you cannot guess,for I have seen only images and heard broken voices
who lost half the thought in trying not to remember,bodies cut slain in fields
why we laughed sang,then we cried silently in pain, in the remains

And the stories continued,told and retold as lands were sold,rivers ran dry
who will care? Who cares? walking shadows drifting falling,dark hordes
seeking failing -and we were so innocent playing games,jumping ropes
reading white and blue and all colors fresh-so we should have known

slavery is not dead,which song is stilled which bird is killed,the eagle
perched how high it flies,its destination the skies-only the discerning eye
can see,only the desiring heart can feel,’of mans first disobedience’ we
should know we should have known,so come under the shade,pray, be safe

To Close With Respected Jamie Dedes’s Lines :

I have lived into the century where the world is
grown small, where the peacemakers are tireless
and perhaps enough hearts have grown large …
sometimes I think I am living in the century
where peace is as possible as war.

Yes Peace is as possible as war


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