In Collaboration with Mr Paul Brookes Wombwell Rainbows ~ NAPOWRIMO 2021~ Artists ~ Writers ~ April Day Two~

In Response to Jane Coenwell’s Art Work

O Sea! I play for you,
My song, by your shore,
As waves ripple the rhythm
Against my feet,
I feel thy music too –

O Sea! I play for you,
My tune of joy first,
Then of pain,
As you come again and again,
To comfort me –

O Sea! The birds are with me,
A flying choral, a symphony,
We are one,
In harmony –

O’ Poseidon! See how we grace
thy place, how we project unity,
in space, as sound and waves merge,
In infinity.

In Response to John Law’s Art Work 2~ Boats

World is still, no life,
Boats await new travellers,
human animals

In Response to Kerfe Roig’s ArtWork 2 ~ Alteration

O’Gracious Sovereign Gaia,
O’Most Revered Terra Mater,
Thy beauteous orb,its ring keeps
Thy infinity like form manifests
yet it grieves my soul to perceive
thy altered countenance,thy surface
plagued,pale ashen, foliage flora and
fauna burnt, bowed with years, sore
to the core, can no more lift the
bodies broken,meshed-

What blight is on thy crust?
What strange curse afflicts?
Where have all the flowers gone?

Transformed into Hemlin thou art
innocent laughter silenced on mount,
not even a lame or a blind,
What deadly powdered arms has cast
you down? What color clash shrivelled
growth, from bright to black, dessicated.

Oracles of Delphi !
Wise Athena ! Healer of Delos ,
Hear ye’, Fortune may favor yet,
if yellow daisies be found.
O ‘Gracious Gaia,countless woes that
cause thee suffer,may still be cured.

So weaponless must thou be,
free of racism, hatred and enemity,
greed, lust and gluttony,thou must
abandon, wage not war but peace.

Here on this very planet is the cure
Raise thy hands to dig and throw
Clean and wash the place to pure
Blind to truth be not be, but know

You are being seen, repent, beg,
be forgiven, surely be again,green.

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