In Collaboration With Mr Paul Brookes Wombwell Rainbows ~ Artists ~ Writers~ NAPOWRIMO 2021 ~ Day 24 ~

In Response to Art Work by Jane Cromwell

This is the hammer
that nailed the block
that stabled the model
that symbolized the thought
that struck the mind
that evolved the change
that shed old skins and old shells
that caused suffering and dislocation
that was but inevitable
that finally confirmed evolutionary perspective
that nailed insecurity,for all future growth
that put the designer carpenter on oath.

In Response to Art Work by John Law

When I fly who keeps me afloat in the open skies
who guides the flight, left to right, who sheilds
my eyes from burning rays, my senses from cries,
booms drones missiles, who marks the prey, as
my food, my thirst, consoles with unseen replies,
and so I sing I chirp I pray and thank the power-
who for all the universe in the universe,resides.

In Response to Art Work by Kerfe Roig

The beautiful
and the terrifying,mind
in holistic realm.

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