We Poets of Change ~ Ode to The Power of Poetry ~

O Thou, Heavenly Hellenic Linguist,
What tales did unfold inside caves,
What stories uncloaked, in waves
Of signs symbols and patterns,

sets of lines dashes, seen in lit lanterns, all
in a balance, all in rhythmic meters net,
deciphering letters, forming words, shaped
into a ‘made up thing’ named poietes”,

You stepped in tracing transforming
making joys into journeys, voices into
voyages on high seas, revealed monsters
demons, deities wise and goddesses naïve,

Unraveled kingdoms, inspired feats of
Herculean strength touching the grandeur
of Rome, magnificence of emperors, racing
gilded chariots, defeating Troy, killing Achilles.

You made the Great Islands overflow with
linguistic jewels, Regained Lost Paradise, restored
the monarchy, transitioning to the wonders of
Renaissance. Your revelation of Epics of Art and Word,

led to the great Enlightenment, as civilized Empires
spread across the Sahara Deserts. You related lines
and lines of mighty battles, shining armor and victories
These tales inspired millions, adopted your style and diction.

You laid the foundations of recording fact and fiction,
“the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings” that all
humans are kin to, you gave the theory” to see the thing
in itself as it truly is” “the velvet footsteps of Spring” that-

softly touched the senses and brought forth Romanticism.

Encompassing other branches of the lingual system your
great adventure gave birth to Persian and Urdu in the South
Asian region. You caused the Chain of Change, with charm.
You were present in the Courts of Kings and Emperors –

Emerging as the Ghazal form, representing, love, romance and
social reflection. People enjoyed the expression recitation and
expression, as new phrases devices and techniques converged.
With your power, nations experienced the change of fate –

Blessing of freedom, when Dr Allama Iqbal Poet of East, instilled
the spirit of “Self Discovery”, awakening the Muslim nation
to the true realization, strength of faith and the Right Path.
He wrote-

Koi andaza kr sakta hai uss ke zor e bazoo ka
Nigah e mard e momin se badal jati hain taqdeerein

Can anyone even guess at the strength of his arm?
by the glance of a true believer even destiny is changed,

You Changed the state of the human world every time it
was in pain grief and segregation, you gave hope, uplifting
suffering souls, bringing them together , creating peace
You are a bridge of sustenance comfort and positivity-

Your makers are now more, more than a hundred thousand
You have proved the function that is your special feature
To inspire, motivate, provide catharsis, instruct and delight-
your need was never ignored nor ever felt urgent as of today!

Come it is almost September the World awaits you –

Your Coming is sacred and holy, the planet is burning
smoke is rising, war threatens innocent generations , they
look up to YOU- Lead Them to The Long Awaited “CHANGE”
with Peace and Togetherness, as you did in the past-

Poetry Your Power To achieve The best for this world
will never be in doubt- September is the season of apples
let us raise our hands in prayer thank the Almighty and
with joy happiness and forgiveness , fill all the barrels.

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