Responding to a Challenge by Mr Paul Brookes ~Wombwell Rainbows UK. In celebration of fifty years since John Berger’s “Ways Of Seeing” was broadcast in January 1972, how we might ekphrastically comment on the artworks he looked at, particularly painting and photography. The challenge January 9th-15th, The first day features Magritte’s “The Key to Dreams”.

The Key to Dreams by Rene Magritte was painted in 1930, and this picture made a huge step towards this French artist becoming a leading member of the Surrealist movement.
Surrealism defies logic. Dreams and the workings of the subconscious mind inspire surrealistic art (French for “super-realism”) filled with strange images and bizarre juxtapositions.
Features of Surrealistic Art
Dream-like scenes and symbolic images
Unexpected, illogical juxtapositions
Bizarre assemblages of ordinary objects
Automatism and a spirit of spontaneity
Games and techniques to create random effects
Personal iconography
Visual puns 
Distorted figures and biomorphic shapes
Uninhibited sexuality and taboo subjects
Primitive or child-like designs.

In response to the first prompt I have chosen the following photographs from my own work by the modern camera. As John Berger says that the invention of the camera changed the “way” we look at various objects and life around us.The world appears different and gives new meaning to images.

Wrote J.Berger
“Free to see images in the collages of our own making”
I respond here as,
“where words do not suffice, a pantomime expresses all
In action,in silence,in visuals alive on a stage
A complete meaningful story”
Just the opposite of visuals a book of words
in all forms and figures,in meter rhythm and rhyme
an art of expression more old than time
to be seen and treasured always by line.
Reflections of nature,in nature, distortion in harmony
shadows crooked yet the real, sublime.
shadows dark and lifeless, real green and divine
strange gathering, seen every day, symbolic of hunger
food and prey, what may be alive on the soil, invisible
to the eye, a dream, a message, a meaning critical
“to see the thing in itself as it really is”
who was here a while ago or did I imagine someone
or was it the crow, or is he too waiting to fly and go
and be with the clan, absorb the solitary peace of
the perch, no one in the world can see or bestow.
I saw a some shapes in the sky,as I gazed up
it seemed the sky,light in patches bright,
blocked by drops,vapours, rays of hope, dry,
soon were gone, the machines rolled on

I found the key to my recurring dreams.

In Response to Paul Brookes ~ NANOWRIMO ~2021 ~ Novel in Verse ~ Epic Freedom in Divine Light ~ Day 10 ~

so a star is born
on soil soon to be alien
never to return

love of nature is
in blood and spirit unseen
a spirit born free

taken to the hills
snowy cool rainy pine trees
touching watching green

gazing night star skies
talking to siblings up high
parting for a time

too young still to wait
watch what comes shows life’s purpose
no soul is without

Other’s may speak, not know
divine choses one by one
then brings together

Am I one of them?
Trees sun wind Earth water will
show, and tell me all.

In Response to Mr Paul Brookes~ NANOWRIMO -2021`Novel in Verse ~ Epic Freedom in Divine Light ~ Day 4

Light is neither matter nor myth         it is The Only Truth 

In moments when engulfed is the spirit
with warmth unseen, who makes existence
tremble and shiver? as beads moist appear
from nowhere, soon to transform
one to coolness…doors of sight
half shut, flipping up and down,
‘reach out, a voice calls
you hear, ‘help me, oh please, help,
I can’t see, it is so dark and
I am so weak, ‘heat ‘dark heat, go …
put on some Light’ O Light’
Light Upon Light’
Help and Guide-I seek thy assistance
all the time- Illumine my world with
Knowledge divine
For my inner self is lost-it wanders in
search of the real truth -it yearns for peace

In Response to Mr Paul Brookes ~ NANOWRIMO 2021~ Novel in Verse ~ Epic Freedom in Divine Light ~ Day Two ~

Tranquility is Divine 
It cannot be found in a lineof roses guarded by thorns
nor in a forest replete with trees,
and then if I were a leaf ,
tender would be the twig
unstable would be the branch,
swinging to and fro with the breeze,
tense in breath fragile in heart,
on a pinegraceful and tall,one day would be The Fall
Tranquility is Divine
Where do I find the freedom I seek
Of land
Of law
Of my home
Of my town
Of the pine trees I smell

Of the clean roads
Of the clean hearts more
Of joys of small things
Of words soft and loving

Of a no war zone
Of no borders nor barriers

But I know so little
I see the ants, are they free?
I see the butterfly? is it free?
I hear the dove coo every day
Does it cry for freedom too?”

We Poets of Change ~ Ode to The Power of Poetry ~

O Thou, Heavenly Hellenic Linguist,
What tales did unfold inside caves,
What stories uncloaked, in waves
Of signs symbols and patterns,

sets of lines dashes, seen in lit lanterns, all
in a balance, all in rhythmic meters net,
deciphering letters, forming words, shaped
into a ‘made up thing’ named poietes”,

You stepped in tracing transforming
making joys into journeys, voices into
voyages on high seas, revealed monsters
demons, deities wise and goddesses naïve,

Unraveled kingdoms, inspired feats of
Herculean strength touching the grandeur
of Rome, magnificence of emperors, racing
gilded chariots, defeating Troy, killing Achilles.

You made the Great Islands overflow with
linguistic jewels, Regained Lost Paradise, restored
the monarchy, transitioning to the wonders of
Renaissance. Your revelation of Epics of Art and Word,

led to the great Enlightenment, as civilized Empires
spread across the Sahara Deserts. You related lines
and lines of mighty battles, shining armor and victories
These tales inspired millions, adopted your style and diction.

You laid the foundations of recording fact and fiction,
“the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings” that all
humans are kin to, you gave the theory” to see the thing
in itself as it truly is” “the velvet footsteps of Spring” that-

softly touched the senses and brought forth Romanticism.

Encompassing other branches of the lingual system your
great adventure gave birth to Persian and Urdu in the South
Asian region. You caused the Chain of Change, with charm.
You were present in the Courts of Kings and Emperors –

Emerging as the Ghazal form, representing, love, romance and
social reflection. People enjoyed the expression recitation and
expression, as new phrases devices and techniques converged.
With your power, nations experienced the change of fate –

Blessing of freedom, when Dr Allama Iqbal Poet of East, instilled
the spirit of “Self Discovery”, awakening the Muslim nation
to the true realization, strength of faith and the Right Path.
He wrote-

Koi andaza kr sakta hai uss ke zor e bazoo ka
Nigah e mard e momin se badal jati hain taqdeerein

Can anyone even guess at the strength of his arm?
by the glance of a true believer even destiny is changed,

You Changed the state of the human world every time it
was in pain grief and segregation, you gave hope, uplifting
suffering souls, bringing them together , creating peace
You are a bridge of sustenance comfort and positivity-

Your makers are now more, more than a hundred thousand
You have proved the function that is your special feature
To inspire, motivate, provide catharsis, instruct and delight-
your need was never ignored nor ever felt urgent as of today!

Come it is almost September the World awaits you –

Your Coming is sacred and holy, the planet is burning
smoke is rising, war threatens innocent generations , they
look up to YOU- Lead Them to The Long Awaited “CHANGE”
with Peace and Togetherness, as you did in the past-

Poetry Your Power To achieve The best for this world
will never be in doubt- September is the season of apples
let us raise our hands in prayer thank the Almighty and
with joy happiness and forgiveness , fill all the barrels.

Poetically ~ A Light Shines Through ~

cool breeze asks

who is the beloved

where is the special rosebush?

in the snowy mountains?

or near the wooden porch,

where squirrels nibble peanuts,

where tall pine trees welcome rare visits by dancing bears,

where water drops freeze,

to floatlike small pancakes

in sweetenedclear cold meandering waters,

but hark, it is imagination at play

randomly in a trance, in lockdownas I pray,

I see somewhere in the celestial hemispheres

a light shines through.

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