FOR ‘The Poet by Day ‘ Jamie Dedes’~ Wednesday Writing Prompt ~ Courtesy Priscilla Galasso and Steve Wiencek’ ~ ‘This Piece of Allah’s Beautiful Earth’ ~

This piece of Allah’s Beautiful Earth,
on which I stood sat danced and raced
played and dreamed and saw a new birth
of life, in a new country, strategically placed;

I saw my family living together
I saw friends separate and gather
I saw learning grow and heard music play
I saw trees dry bare and bear the weather;

This Piece of Allah’s Beautiful Earth

drenched me in happiness,gave me
peace, the art of cleanliness,filled my heart
and soul with memories to cherish
With Love and All Love more, and Hatred less;

Of green and brown and rainbow vibgyor
This Piece of Earth was my environment
Of trees and flowers and water pure
It provided all good, joy and enjoyment;

This piece of Earth is where the house was built
The house where I woke up to sweet childhood filled
With affection excitement freedom and no guilt
The house where never ever a song was stilled;

No more can I step on it nor walk nor touch the
Sacred Dust , as time ordained to remain
on it has passed,how long to stay play lay
or pray, one day has to be the last ,

to be aside, to be quiet and to others, give way.









For ~ dVerse POETS Pub ~ The Ghazal ~ For Whom ? کس کے لئے …


Smiling and happy I may be, for whom?
eyes may shine,heart may beat, for whom?

be oblivious of all torturous pain
be forgetful ,forgiving  for whom?

may someone be a true friend-
friendly and trueI may be, for whom?

why strangers seem, my very own
stranger  more I may be? for whom?

shimmer and shine I do, for all, at night
twinkling silently I wait, for whom?

someone special, may never come, anjum
keep open your heart ,unknown love may enter,soon


For ~ The POET by DAY ~ ‘the republic of innocence, a poem’ . . . Wednesday Writing Prompt ~ A Speck of Dust ~


The Republic of Innocence




I am nothing
I am but a speck of dust
My life my soul my spirit
Is not mine
I am but a form
Me, my shape my self
Is not mine;
I am but a sound
My music my note my tune
Is for the celestial round
I am but a smile
my face, eyes, looks
are are for a while,
I am but a thought
my idea  vision, purpose,
Is for the Heaven
The Pure The Holy The Forever
I am, but Love
Love that is pure and just
I am but a speck of dust.


Gone are the Days of Peaceful sojourning

Image result for the golden age of athens

when flutes blew notes of tunes so sweet

when words were words of love and treat

when horses trotted on the cobbled street

a lone policeman was right on the beat

innocent laughter filled the backseat

there was no winning losing or defeat,

Who is the Master of the Feat

Who are we trying to cheat ?

Forgotten Achilles’ vulnerability?

proud Odysseus’s Ordeals Cold Death

or Killing Heat? There is, but a Terror

Filled , Uncertain, grave deceit.

Who is ready to face,horrible Afreet?

Yet, all to fall, is, Destiny

I bleed in spirit, Necromancy spelled

a virtual heart pinned obsolete;

Insincerity hatred blatantly rampant

Celestial spheres restless, Poseidon fears

As Grecian Venture sets a new Fleet

My Quest moves on, by the Oracles

Will find the Golden Fleece

I have sacrificed and prayed to

the Heavens, for Victory and peace

I know by Obedience and service I

Will kill the Minotaur and succeed

to complete The Sacred Justified

Brave, Ordained Odyssey!


For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Moon ~ Eclipsed It Shines ~



I will write about the moon, soon, I thought
of Timothy Boon, who went up,to the moon
in a balloon, a poem we read in school,like
Godfrey Gordon Gustavas Gore,was a boy

who never would shut the door,the wind
might whistle the wind might roar,but
Godfrey would never shut the door, and
there is more,the shining moon,went along


where ever we went, there was a song,either
a woman with a spindle, or the sleigh in
the sky, the moon all along shining by, half
its course ‘ye ronne’ by weeks, and nights

dimming all the lights, for romances secret
or silent prayers,or the summer gardeners
stance, tending, watering careful, vigilance,


But wait a bit, miracle of miracles, reveals…
astronauts saw it too, heard the Call, All
Power is manifest and when belief was a test
people us a sign…and Lo, it…

the moon…

was split in two, joined again…no life
nor air nor water, yet eclipsed it shines…
bright as ever, between Sun and Earth
in peaceful light,in cool joy and mirth…













FOR ~ ‘The Poet by Day’ ~ Jamie Dedes ~ Ms. Weary’s Blues, a poem … and your Wednesday Writing Prompt- Light Upon Light ~

But lost in that Universe of Light
will “I’ still be?
will “you” still be?
answer me that
What is the character of this Light?
Matter or myth?


Light is neither matter nor myth
it is The Only Truth

in moments when engulfed is the spirit
with warmth unseen, who makes existence
tremble and shiver? as beads moist appear
from nowhere, soon to transform
one to coolness…doors of sight
half shut, flipping up and down,
‘reach out, a voice calls
you hear, ‘help me, oh please, help,
I can’t see, it is so dark and

I am so weak, ‘heat ‘dark heat, go …
put on some Light’ O Light’
Light Upon Light’

blues surround as blackness shifts, is it
going to lift or grow less? am I awake ?
or sinking, or rising, ascending into
more darkness…darkness before being
and darkness after? I am not aware…
my being is being created, in fluids unseen
I have no voice, nor breath, it is not Death?
I float and swim, it is so dark…

put on some Light’ O Light’
Light Up The Light’

who do I call? who will hear?
Who will come near? who will bear
the pain and make me well again?
It is The Light The Truth The Unseen One
that is the Character, No Myth or Matter
Look up , it is day…it is full of Light
Look up, it is night, it is bejeweled with Light
Light Upon Light ‘ and The Book is Bright

and when I once was, in the blues
I did not know what would be
listless weak helpless was the spirit
in me, would I be? or would I be no more?
doors of sight dimly saw the “saline drip” bag
drop by drop, drip drip,dropped the drops
would it be dark soon? or I lay…slowly
darkness flew away, brightness made its way

before I knew , brighter it grew till I
could bear no more
Light it was Light all over me, Light
Upon Light Upon Light, it did stay
till my heaviness was light and
my blues faded away, away far away

Light the Healer, Light is Blue, see the sky?
up high or see the sea below
layer upon layer, vast boundless in view
why blue is the color of peace?
Celeste Marion is painted in this hue’
tis holy and sacred and true’
To have hope is good to pray is best
chose the good blue, but be not in the blues’

Light Upon Light is the Ultimate Truth
Turn towards it to be out of darkness
Be Guided, out of fear, out of all ‘fright’

what I leave behind and what I may take
the good deeds I do the joy I make
the help I give the needs I fulfill and all

what for the Lord I share…for Life is a test
and to be grateful is the rest
I will go for ‘life is a journey not
a destination’ …from darkness to illumination…





FOR ~ The Poet by Day ~ dancing toward infinity, a poem … Wednesday Writing Prompt ~ January 17, 2018 ~ Jamie Dedes~ Waltzing On…

spiral galaxy in Constellation, Coma Berenices, 60 million light years from Earth

spiral galaxy in Constellation, Coma Berenices, 60 million light years from Earth

waltzing on the melodious
music, feather like, rising
gliding, embraced by light-
the Earth is All Bed
Sky all dome, a roof
shining in the day
glittering at night-
to show us the way

Boundless infinity oceanic
no end in sight,timeless,
and we mortals in oblivion
think about being en-gloved,
encircled we dance immersed
in perpetual meditation

we shall, in cool shadows be
with obedience and charity
for good we did, in year past
what good we do now, to last,
our hearts, swirling constellation
a nucleus smooth, unfurled silk

in time dissolved, myriads to
dust, rising spiraling merging
with countless orchestras in
harmonic symphonies of the
milky way, unknown infinity
like the never ending sea in oceans

cycling fresh blessings in motion
warming steam to vapors, floating
to infinity in dancing drops in
rotation, creating revolution
from sky to sand, and we say
rain falling, cooling drowning


and I say Blessed, drenched in
peace like the circling dervish
one with nature,in stillness bent
‘in my beginning is my end’
Light makes me light,boundless
flight, I say I am embraced…
Embraced in Eternal Heavenly Light

For The POET by DAY ~ Wednesday Writing Prompt ~ brightness beckons, a poem ~ Pilgrimage Towards The Light ~ Inspired by Dr Allama Iqbal’s Poem ‘Pilgrimage to Eternity’ ~

Watercolor by Gretchen Del RioIn the midway of this our mortal life,
I found me in a gloomy wood, astray…”
Inferno Canto 1, Durante (Dante) degli Alighieri

O Restless spirit what seekest thou , since
awareness dawned, in innocence encased
bits of paper became letters symbolic ,
what messages were lost and  received
unknown unseen till strange sounds
sailed through the cool silent breezes
and the heart beat faster,fingers grew cold

eyes roamed the boundless skies, finding no cuts or breaks
birds flew trembling fluttering closer to each other
as the golden ball seemed to sink out of sight, finding darkness
behind the eyes turned to the skies again, behold, bejeweled
was the roof with diamonds arranged, twinkling for long hours
becoming small, disappearing from vision yet still present
‘Know that they are still there’ only hidden by Light’

Hidden by Light? and a voice called ‘Allah ho Akbar’
The Greatest is He, Prayer is better than sleep
prayer is better than sleep’ and the sight descends
to touch the earth,flat dry strong stony rough solid
The heart beat faster again…

‘feel the inner strength,the magnetic touch the Light’
slight pain in the back I felt, head down, bent in
body slipping instantly, invisibly flying to nowhere
in semi darkness, I reached a room square in shape
a small window opening near the ceiling, a single bed
lay in the center, on the floor…I smoothed the folds of
the white sheet, satisfied that all was set, I returned…
or was brought back…I awoke …the light streamed on

‘He made the day  for work and night for rest, and the
day allowing sight ‘there was no chaos, all was pure
clean ethereal and with great speed…

I heard another voice, ‘not now later’ a voice so clear
the night slipped away making way for the lightc
it grew brighter moment by moment, the eyes
roamed from one end of the to the other,seeking
what dost thou seek?
I still don’t know…

the light grew yet brighter till
the glow was whiter than any light , blinding…
the appeared small shapes like people sitting on
the floor bowing towards one point…brightest in the center

and ‘the gleam increased’ unbearable light’
the Lamp as it shone revealed more Light
and I felt weak in the limbs…
where are the stars of the night?

the rainbow in the clouds
the colors on the ground
the amazing shapes in clouds
carrying holding water drops

I sailed through and through
flew like a bird, who holds their
wings,held me too, no desire for
food nor thirst for a drink just nothing
yet so much…yet felt only …
unseen purity “Light Of Divine Love’