For Mr Paul Brookes Wombwell Rainbows ~ World Ocean Day 2021 ~ Water is Hurt ~

“Water is Hurt”

O’ Poseidon bestowed with the power unique
tell us the secret of the two seas that do not meet
yet flow with different colors, wave by wave, move
by move, side by side, a perfect acceptance of diversity,

Poseidon speaks, ‘Man is nothing without the Gods’
oceans or skies the sole power is with the Creator
who loves clear open hearts, He blocks nothing nor
builds walls, see my home has no doors nor windows’

All are free to enter, float, sail, swim dive or dig
I am full of food, fish, color, charms and treasures
but many living beings are careless, inconsiderate
they throw harmful waste trash plastic on and in me.

Water will not become less but will be a source of
trouble for human beings themselves, the dead will
float the dying will cry and curse, the thought makes
me shudder, storms surge, waves rise to great heights,

Water is hurt, it is red now with blood and scales
breathing is difficult, inhale a struggle, exhale an
ordeal, oil blocks unmarked uncharted paths
Oceanides no longer accept offerings from fans.

Home state worries Oceanus, growing more old
countless pennies coins of gold, are useless down
on the sea bed, worthless is such a treasure which
sinks and loses its values, shines and becomes cold.

A revenge rising tsunami results, as the grand
bowl shakes, jolts, jumps and throws up-
beware O’ People …I envision a huge surge…
sing not any songs nor lie naked on the beach

Pray pray pray peace, repentance forgiveness seek


Time is now to change for the better life, on the right path, for the real purpose, the true action, the good deeds.This is Ramazan in the Pandemic Times.What is the right action to follow?This is the month of Fasting. Fasting is not just restraint from eating for the set hours, but there is much more and far more serious purpose to it.The following is the new RECIPE:

Seek the hidden night of power, the priceless key,
consult not, the fragile worldly , A La Carte-
gather, cut and mix fruit for the evening “Iftari”.
No CLT or club sandwich, just a fine canapé,
spicy seekh kebabs, dates, ketchup and chutney,
seek the hidden night of power, the priceless key.
Dawn to dusk, spiritual cuisine in tranquility,
chiffonade of patience, forgiveness, full charity,
gather, cut and mix fruit for the evening “Iftari”.
Counted days, uncounted endless bounty,
all majestic pure, holy, all enough, all plenty,
seek the hidden night of power, the priceless key.
The fasting immersed in fragrance, grand in beauty,
cleansed souls, soft hearts, need no coring in glory,
gather, cut and mix fruit for the evening “Iftari”
Fasting is acceptance, surrender to divinity,
embracing contentment accomplishment and duty
Seek the hidden night of power, the priceless key,
Gather, cut and mix fruit for the evening “Iftari”.

In Collaboration With Mr Paul Brookes Wombwell Rainbows ~ Artists ~Writers~NAPOWRIMO 2021 ~ Day Eleven ~

In Response to Art Work by Jane Cornwell

How to say that
a calm vision flashes again.
How to convey, serenity
descends to ease the pain.
How to express, the heart
beats with memories, enchained,
How to convince, a
peaceful presence remains.
How to relate the touch
felt so deeply, in the domains.
How to connect loss,
that good health claims ?

Let me just believe then,
life’s safe lodging is, but torn,
once, where life itself was born,
the sweet scent is a refrain,
there is always a personal loss-
where once there was, a sacred gain.

In Response to Art Work by John Law

Roof top wonderland

houses safe or infected

home sweet home dreamland

In Response to Art Work by Kerfe Roig

mosaic sphere
creation in best of molds
alien beauty

In Collaboration With Mr Paul Brookes Wombwell Rainbows ~ Artists ~ Writers ~ NAPOWRIMO 2021 ~ Day Ten ~

In Response to Art Work by Jane Cromwell

Faith never shattered
virus took away master,
in grief will ever be

In Response to Art Work by John Law.

I thought,
I heard,
a tap,

on the window
as if
a branch
had awoken
from a nap,
shaken by one

it was quiet
cold and dark,

and I heard again
Its Ok,
You are not alone
dont lose the spark,

In Response to Art Work by Kerfe Roig

Blues surround as blackness shifts, is it
going to lift or grow less? am I awake ?
or sinking, or rising, ascending into
more darkness,darkness before being
and darkness after?

I am not aware…
my being is being created, in fluids unseen
I have no voice, nor breath, it is not Death.
I float and swim, it is dark.

put on some Light’ O Light’,
Light Up The Light’

Who do I call? who will hear?
Who will come near? who will bear
the pain and make me well again?

It is The Light, The Truth, The Unseen One
that is Character, No Myth or Matter
Look up , it is day, it is full of Light
Look up, it is night, it is bejeweled with Light
Light Upon Light ‘ and The Book is Bright

In Collaboration With Mr Paul Brookes Wombwell Rainbows ~ Artists ~ Writers~ NAPOWRIMO 2021 ~ Day Nine ~

Cute cuddly clowns of sea, Dobhar-Chus
King of Otters,some call them water dogs,

Irish water hounds,spotted in Cornwall
Cemetery of Glenade, in County Leitrim,

always in pairs, seek fuzzy vengeance, if
disturbed,blow piercing whistle warnings,

living in water, never sleep,pursue prey
with speed,dreaded dangerous killers.

In Response to Art Work by John Law

O Majestic Psyche, where away dost thou fly ?
What strange flora has kept thee company?

These resemble hemlock shoots, enemy plants
with jealous vengeance growth, hibernation

forced, a stoppage to rebirth, fly butterfly fly,
return when the time is right, rejuvenation

will follow, purity in beauty prevail, transform,
attain self actualization, rise to meta physical

change is beautiful change is chance good
Spring comes,love with flowers,never wood.

In Response to Art Work by Kerfe Roig

red coat on red thoughts
red tie burns,warns Helios
red roses deceived

In Collaboration With Mr Paul Brookes Wombwell Rainbows ~Artists ~Writers ~ NAPOWRIMO 2021 ~ Day Eight ~

Soft and tender misty starry sky
Envelops my being, as an
Unseen presence stirs memoirs
Of moments in quietude-

Heaviness shrouds me,a
log I feel, as I place
My hand only to find
Ethereal space;

A trace in mind and heart,
A vision in awakened sleep,
constantly condensing peace
In tears of grief,
that slide down the cheek;

The hours spent to seek
solace in the misty starry sky,
that brought inner peace
and relieved the stress,

But does true love ever
fall from grace,
leaving one in a blind
race, life may cease,

But will trust return to
unlace the gasping fog-
And with the tender touch
And misty warmth, embrace…
And with loving sunshine,

the far distance, replace?

In Response to Art Work by John Law

So many cities destroyed
so many new constructed
so many citizens passed
so many new arrived
New York have you lived?

You were small and Dutch
O New York,you have grown
Is your life now over for new
is that why growth decays
for human animals, cities too?

Buildings may be high rising,
every tower ever built climbing
has seen a fall, will you too?
beauty must fade,day flying
into evening, into night falling.

Justice Liberty freedom, is calling !

In Response to Art Work by Kerfe Roig

Over or under
no fur feed or meat to carve
life signs below ground

In Collaboration With Mr Paul Brookes Wombwell Rainbows~Artists ~ Writers~NAPOWRIMO 2021 ~ Day Seven-

O Majestic One,
Take me,bring back the children
Earth needs them for life.

In Response to Art Work by John Law

O’ Corona kill
me too, I can’t heal the world
alone,life’s lessons.

In Response to Art Work by Kerfe Roig

A camouflaged monarch am I.
migrating over long distances
attacked by wasps and parasites
I dried expanded and escaped.

A camouflaged monarch am I.

From the Order of Lepidoptera
my ancestors were the moths
the oldest hailing from Denmark
navigate our path, by sun compass.

A camouflaged monarch am I.

In art, I appeared 3500 years ago
Standing for rebirth mind and soul
whites, allies, skippers ‘n swallowtails,
when at rest, our wings stay vertical.

A camouflaged monarch am I.

My food is nectar from flowers bold, I
a butterfly cannot fly until wings unfold,
covered by scales, I match cousin moth,
aerodynamic mechanisms by nature,hold.

In Collaboration with Mr Paul Brookes Wombwell Rainbows ~Artists ~Writers~ NAPOWRIMO 2021 ~ Day Five

In Response to Jane Cornwells Art Work

Seven Sleepers faith
Kitmeer,all kingdoms revere
Truth manifested.

In Response to John Law’s Art Work

Spirit’s eyes alive
Eden quest in vain, crusades
with trillium leaves.

In Response to Kerfe Roig’s Art Work

Plagued patches,ensnared
humans,confused patterns stuck
beyond moral mend.

NAPOWRIMO 2021 ~ DAY TWO ~ The Most Important Choice,Someone Else…

Write a poem about your own road not taken – about a choice of yours that has “made all the difference,”

A war dominion for birth another country for life
to be a girl and by almost everyone, be called a boy,
to wear a finger ring or play the harmonica
to have books to read than to play with a toy,
to hold a stethoscope or to wave the paint brush,
to focus a fine camera or to observe by a telescope,

Above all these, I chose a pencil not just plain, but
pencils of all colors and all shades,no preference,
I can write ,draw, sketch, scribble note and hence
That has made in my life, all the difference.

From PENCIL PERCEPTIONS ATERIA ~ 2021 ~Inspired by a Cottage in the Snow ~ A Gift of Words ~

This charming cottage inspired the writer – A Gift of Words
What quiet cottage in these silent woods is this?
white woolly blanket, covers it like a pashmina shawl
trying to keep it warm and protected.
I wonder if Snow White passed by or the Snow Queen
cast a jealous spell all over?
Some fine wine glasses tinker from time to time,
amidst soft laughter,and I did hear the small thick logs
crackle in the fireplace. Not far from the door
I think I can see the table with a blue and white cloth,
set for a special meal, a fresh aroma of hot roasted steaks
stealthily escapes from tiny unseen crevices of the steel bound
windows, which may keep the snow from falling in but not the
appealing flavors from flying out.
But all is so silent, no horses gallop nor oil burns in any carriage
side lamps.No sledge moves.
“Who goes by now ?
“ O’ Mr Rabbit you are in such a hurry? Oh I see now you must be
the special guest someone is waiting for”.
Oh Yes,it’s a very important date, no time to say hello but I will,
for you are all special friends too, so Hello, it’s the 4th, and a Sunday ,
hope the sun will shine, and the eggs are ready.

“Happy Easter, to All, Stay Safe, Stay Well.”

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