NAPOWRIMO 2018 ~ Day 17 ~ Curiosity Lesson Broke A Dozen ~

Our prompt for the day (optional as always) follows Gowrishankar’s suggestion that we write a poem re-telling a family anecdote that has stuck with you over time.

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The phone rang. It was my younger one
How was the day dear daughter?
‘full of eggs and a bit of a disaster’
Oh dear hope all is well and everyone ?

Oh Ammi it was an egg day to day’
I fell asleep after lunch…’egg day?
Yes I was so exhausted I dozed off.
for long I was in the land of dreams.

When I woke up the girls were resting
but the boys, on their bicycles, outside…
well? I was getting a bit anxious now…
I went to call them I almost fell over.

Oh Dear God’what spirit flew before…
‘I slipped on something and taking a
closer look found lots of broken eggs
just outside the kitchen door’

Rayyan 7 and Abdullah 3 experimented a
lesson of science,research and curiosity
led them to seek and find, who came
first the egg or the rooster, or chicken dame.

‘Mama there were no chicks in any of the eggs’
our science teacher said there would be, we
checked all the twelve,in the fridge lying
where else we could check, we both were trying.

scientific learning is based on practicals
Its good to be curious but dangerous also,
a Teacher must be professionally trained.
Mama had a lot to clean and much to explain.


NAPOWRIMO 2018~Day 9 ~ When I killed a Bee …

We challenge you today to write a poem in which something big and something small come together. Happy writing!

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Nothing is either big or small but by comparison
so wrote Jonathan Swift, about dwarfs ‘n giants

ants met the grasshopper the lion met the mouse
Swift became a giant only when he left his house

I was feeling quite alright till I heard n saw the bee
I felt afraid n so small, she looked bigger than me

she buzzed so loud and buzzed around the bulb
I stared and stared n prayed n took a fearful gulp’

O Allahji  please hear n help, You know I am all alone
What if she dived, bit and stung me deep in the bone ?

Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful as Always, Hears’
sincerely  pray, ten times He Helps n removes all fears

my gaze fixed my soul in prayer upright I sat upon the bed
seconds later the bee fell ‘zzzzzzz’thup’,on the floor, dead.

I sat and thought about my fears and strengths,
as the night slowly drifted away to its dark ends.







Image Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

NAPOWRIMO 2018 ~ Day 8 ~ Ode To The Haunting Image’ ~

Let’s take a leaf from Shelley’s book, and write poems in which mysterious and magical things occur. Your poem could take the form of a spell, for example, or simply describe an event that can’t be understood literally. Feel free to incorporate crystal balls, fauns, lightning storms, or whatever seems fierce and free and strange. Poetry is like that ….



O’ Thou Mystic Celestial Skull, suspended in the vast boundless mysterious canvas, white and blue –
Death seems to follow thee with fears haunting
Or pallor grips you for painful loss of lover true-

what treasures awoke thy spirit up high,what coffins
broke to release thy head, the body buried in Earthly
pyramid  tombs, never engaged in secret battles nor
‘ever caused a rattle, nor rain skeletal scorpions,

Suspended in the boundless unknown dome
filled or empty or left open as  the deserted path
I wait and wonder, what engages your sockets?
invisible to me you see what voices you hear?

Tell Me is war visible ? clouds of murky dust rising,
children bleeding crying running, bodyless like you
silently succumbing to shot and shrapnel, carried –
what trophies may win the killer’s bullets surprising.

the ground looks green and trees appear tall
and rivers flow flooded and fields full harvests
grow mountains rise strong tops shine with snow
people are happy and not lying as homeless pests?

No but you will not say for I know what’s there
here and everywhere, that is what robbed you
of health and heart and body too, and now your
spirit roams soulless aimless helpless with despair

and I a mourning  poet with words n verses weak,
peace love courage forbearance patience seek
may fiery dragons come flying in, unicorns rush to
waste wilderness clear, with weeping flowers sweep.

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Vision ~ Catches The Eagle Soaring ~

I left the room downstairs for I felt
it was somewhat dark though cooler
than other rooms in that house beside
the muddy trash filled running river,


a river it was a river it is and running
bordered by green patches,empty plots
trees houses big small and other lots
some white birds some colorful flying

close over the water,what vision they
have I wonder,what reflections in liquid
they perceive in the skies,the little eyes
may see more than humans can surmise,

dewdrops in view, petals drunk waving,
pansies smiling at butterflies fluttering,
vision catches the eagle soaring,
to perch on peak high standing-


yet it is the participating mind
that teaches us to be soft and kind
like the cool raindrops, which descend,
dropping down to be a cool friend

they have a vision from the other
end,and I must see beyond the sky
beyond the stars, beyond the known
unknown beyond the clouds up high-

make life beautiful as the beauty you
see, the vision of peace it must be…

NAPOWRIMO 2018 ~ Day 12 ~Abandoned ~

Today, we’d like to challenge you specifically to write a haibun that takes in the natural landscape of the place you live. It may be the high sierra, dusty plains, lush rain forest, or a suburbia of tiny, identical houses – but wherever you live, here’s your chance to bring it to life through the charming mix-and-match methodology of haibun.

Happy writing!


After I abandoned the teaching profession I turned to welcome life in the jungle. I seriously felt that learning was not taking place in the technology equipped classroom. Away from the densely populated city, rush of traffic, flow of polluted waste on walking spaces, I paused amid peace calm and quietude. It is true that hilly areas are cooler greener and healthier. Putting down the markers and chalks eased  my mind. By the riverside I discovered the life of crows.Three nests on three trees in a line.Crowing messages from dawn to dusk. Carrying morsels to their young, cradled in the high branches.Where lies poverty, greed or hatred or deceit…

contentment galore
in jungle peace there is more
write books, plants restore


NAPOWRIMO ~ 2018 ~ Day 11 ~ Mind In Itself Is An Unseen Thing…

Write a poem that addresses the future, answering the questions “What does  y(our) future provide? What is your future state of mind? If you are a citizen of the “union” that is your body, what is your future “state of the union” address?”  Happy writing!



What can the future give? who can see, who has ever seen?
mind in itself is an unseen thing, caged, alive,coiling grey
not green, green is the thing or blue, like a rainbow rare,
who can see the Earth where mankind resides with care

careless,  fearlessly eats beats cheats, competes, defeats
seeks power, animal like, makes weapons guns and war
hungry angry loud, I have not seen a mind uncoiled  soft
in speech body and thought, what future mind may bar?

what state of fate may occur in deceit rampant,hatred
profound, killing continuous no reason given,lawless
stabbing firing bombing raping shooting kidnapping
what present love is like ? is work for peace, all dead? 

I may dream of colors bright, in future pure delight
mind in meditation, grace in knowledge drenched light
Truth is the Yellow Brick Road,reality the experience
Future is sacred, revered with hope, of eternal  peace.

Wait O’ not so innocent rebel,’ thy own mind is Future
isolate not but participate for it is the true ‘future feast’
spirit will be free when sacred becomes the human body
honor the pearl in a shell, King of Oceans like Poseidon be.




NAPOWRIMO ~ 2018 ~ Day 10 ~ Multiple Things Happening Simultaneously ~ Similar Opposites ~

Today, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem of simultaneity – in which multiple things are happing at once. A nice example might be Emily Dickinson’s “I heard a Fly buzz – when I died”, or this powerful poem by Sarah Green.

Happy writing!


lightning flashed as rainbow rose in the sunny rain
darkness of the night broke, light made all visible

I caught sight of a lizards tail slither behind
the curtain, whirring monotone ceiling fan

droned on, kitchen tap dripped with a beat
regular, as  neighbors car honked at the gate

right at eight, never too late , dogs barked
howled at unseen prowlers, as guards standby

half asleep, who is vigilant far away, a drum beats
the harmonium sings on the breeze,a party going

on to celebrate,as some prepare to bury the killed
life is still,life goes on,vessels empty,barrels filled.