For THE POET By DAY ~ In Response ~ On International Women’s Day ~ A Daughter More …

                    Photo Credit  CER   Copyright 2019

who passed this way, unknown unseen,
was it the one the heart seeks?
each moment each step with
each beat, each tiptoe as the foot
slips the spirit staggers, fearful yet

hopeful, who left the blood,the love
dropping uncontrolled, like tears
cutting gripping grief,deep in the heart
drenching the soul, torn apart-
how would I know? 

O tender life let me touch, but I see
no one, holding the cold tiny hand
leading me to play in the park
comfort me in the dark-
O just a shadow I deem-

where did I lose you and why?
can the pain be eased by comfort?
 or shall you ever come again ?
do these tracks have a home?
or my thoughts just pain me so-

No one saw, who passed this way
silent dust swept and settled
memories flashed, crushed away
like flowers abandoned but not
forgotten, nor could ever be

where is the promised link?
does this way lead to it?
nowhere nowhere is the end
the eyes just see a curve, a bend’
as numbness creeps up-

stilling, cold is the worldly clay
who passed this way? maybe it
was you, I may never know –
the quest continues
the question remains…

Today I am a woman
but  no,  a child alone , no
a daughter, a daughter
a daughter, a daughter

a daughter , more


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